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Summer Camps

Jump In is excited to bring back to Canby Grove Christian Center the much loved tradition of Summer Day Camps. We have 6 weeks of camps planned full of activities to keep your child entertained. Each week will be jam packed with activities that will include swimming, water games, field activities, crafts and much more all incorporated into the weeks theme. Every week will feel like a new adventure.
Camps are geared for 6–11 year olds who are going into the 1st through fifth grades
fall of 2013. Campers must have turned 6 years old before June 26th and enjoyed kindergarten for the 2012-13 school year.


Summer Staff Application

Thank you for interest in joining Jump-In Summer Camp Staff. Our goal for Summer Staff is that we all work together to affect the lives of campers for Jesus Christ. We are looking for leaders to join us who are in a relationship with Jesus and pursuing Him on a daily basis. We want our campers to have interaction with leaders they can look up to as role models. Summer Camp can be a very important life changing time for many campers. We have a good balance of playing hard and then going after the things of God together. We do swimming, arts, field games, river floats, campfires, night activities etc. (depending on what camps you are involved in.) We need leaders who are energetic and willing to take part in all activities with the kids. It is important the kids see the leaders having fun and excited to be a part of camp, keeping camp a fun and positive experience. For some kids, this is their first time away from home. The hours are long and can be challenging. It is important we have leaders to realize this is a God mission and all they do this summer with the kids is unto Him. 

Our Day camps are an evangelistic outreach introducing young people to biblical concepts, people and salvation. We play all day and include a 45 min club time. Throughout the day it is our desire for kids to have the leaders reinforce what is taught in club and have discussions, as opportunity arises, with the campers about biblical concepts. These campers are grade school age so most questions are pretty simple. If a leader in unable to answer a question or feels inadequate to do so we have many people on site that can help that area. 

Our overnight camps are designed to take kids further into a deeper relationship with Jesus, learning to communicate with God, expect miracles to happen today and pursue Him with all their heart. Our goal is to train young people to be forerunners for Jesus learning to live a lifestyle fully devoted to wholeheartedness before God. Throughout the week there will be many opportunities in cabin time and free time, during games, and meals to engage in conversations and ask questions and help lead kids to greater understanding. As in day camps, if there are questions or conversations that arise you feel inadequate to answer there are staff members available to help you. 

We also want this to be a Summer where YOU encounter God in a deeper way than you already have. By interacting with other leaders, campers, sessions, fireside chats, etc. We care about your needs and where you are in this grand journey of the pursuit of God. Please do not be afraid to share with us areas you have struggles or are unsure, and areas where you feel you have great strength. We are here to help you grow, and challenge yourself in a safe environment. We do not expect that anyone who serves here has it all completely figured out and is perfect. We all have strengths and weaknesses to refine. 

For those staying on property for the month of July during down times there will be some staff activities available to interact with each other and help in building friendships. Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays until 3pm are not required times to be on property. For those staying on property we do require that you take part in our Tues and Thurs night prayer and worship gatherings for Jump-in. 

If you would like to join us in this effort please fill out the information below. One of our staff members will contact you shortly after we receive your application. 

Todays Date *
Todays Date
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Date of Birth
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Personal Refernce other than family member.
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Phone number of Personal Reference
Living Onsite
Living On Site with campers is required for overnight camps. However, for Day Camp weeks and on weekends it is optional. We have dorm style rooms available. You may be given a room mate if space is needed. You will be responsible for your own meals on weekends unless there are left overs from group meals on property that weekend. Please check boxes below if you would like to stay on property while working day camps.



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