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Summer Camps

Jump In is excited to bring back to Canby Grove Christian Center the much loved tradition of Summer Day Camps. We have 6 weeks of camps planned full of activities to keep your child entertained. Each week will be jam packed with activities that will include swimming, water games, field activities, crafts and much more all incorporated into the weeks theme. Every week will feel like a new adventure.
Camps are geared for 6–11 year olds who are going into the 1st through fifth grades
fall of 2013. Campers must have turned 6 years old before June 26th and enjoyed kindergarten for the 2012-13 school year.

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Senior Summer Camp Staff

JUMP-IN NW is looking for fun, energetic, young adults who love impacting the lives of kids for Jesus and want to volunteer their summer making lifelong friendships while doing ministry. You must be 18 or older (17 if you have graduated from high school, for support leaders under 17 see below) and be accepted through an application.  You will be asked to take part in all camp activities with the campers and participate in facilitating discussions and group activities. We are looking for people that are flexible and willing to do various jobs in working together to put on successful, fun camps. 

Being a summer staff leader is very challenging, especially on overnight camp weeks, but it can also be the most rewarding weeks of your life. It truly is an act of service unto the Lord. An added benefit is the fun you will have along the way and the friendships you will create. 

Location: Camps are hosted at Canby Grove Christian Center, which is operated year-round by Jump-In NW. 5701 S Knights Bridge Rd, Canby, OR 97013. You will be responsible for finding your way to the camp from the airport if you arriving by airplane. If possible we may be able to help with a ride to the airport but it is not guaranteed. We are located about 30 minutes south of the Portland, OR airport. 

Available Positions:
Senior Leader—Work with children all day. Playing in games, going to clubs, swimming, river activities, group discussions etc. Be a spiritual leader to the kids. For overnight camps you will be the head leader in the cabin overnight as well. 

Resident over Senior Leaders—Lead the senior leaders. Make sure the staff has all they need during the day. Spiritual support, food, rest etc. Watch over the evening activities. Help staff get to where they need to be on time. 
Help in navigating friendships and potential conflicts. 

Photographer/vidoegrapher—Takes tons of super fun photos of the kids and staff. Make slide shows and videos of the kids for everyday of camp. Must have a good camera and knowledge of the equipment needed for this position. 

Camp Nurse or EMT—Does not have to be licensed yet

Licensed Lifeguard—River Lifeguard training a plus.

Activities Coordinator—Set up and tear down of all games and special activities or skits. Help in running the games and where ever help is needed in between activities.

*** There are many jobs available in the kitchen, snack shack, housekeeping and grounds crew that are critical to making camp a success for all our summer visitors even outside of camps operated by Jump-in. Please call our office at 503.266.5176 if you or someone you know are interested in one of these positions. Accommodations on campus are available if desired. If schedule allows, people in these positions can take part in summer staff evening and weekend activities. 

During the summer, Jump-In hosts 4 weeks of camp
all in the month of July:

July 02-05 High School Conference
July 08-12     Day Camp Week One (grade schoolers)
July 15-19     Day Camp Week Two (grade schoolers)
July 22-26     Grade school and Middle School Overnight Camp   

It is your choice how many weeks you would like to commit to working these camps, but we ask for you to be at the full week of camp that you sign up for.  There will also be a training session for all staff of all camps. (This time is still TBA.)The best summer staff camp experience happens if you are on campus with the rest of the staff for all four weeks. We know there are very qualified applicants that will just not be able to make that kind of a commitment, It is not required to apply. Stipen for week is $150. (A couple positions are available that require a 4 week commitment and more responsibilities that will have a higher pay. If you would be interested in knowing more about these positions please let us know)

College Service Requirements If you are in a college program that requires service to a non-profit or something in that perimeter we would love to help you fulfill those requirements this summer. Please contact us so we can design your summer to help in your education endeavors.

Camp Arrival and Departure Days: All staff is expected to be at camp the day before that weeks camp begins. Departure is the last day of camp after all campers have been picked up and the campground is cleaned up. The exception is the 4th week of overnight camp. The campers will leave at 6:00pm on Thurs, but staff will be expected to stay overnight and have a staff gathering and debrief. Friday everyone will help to put all activities away and organize camp sheds. Departure is anticipated to be before noon on Friday of that week. 

Pay Day: Checks will be handed out every week when camp is over and all responsibilities have been completed.

There will be opportunities for you to go to town throughout the week and on weekends if you are staying on campus all month. You will want extra spending money for those outings. 

Accommodations are dorm-style rooms with shared hallway bathrooms. We have a women's hall and men's hall. You may have a room mate or 2 depending on staff size. For 2 of the weeks you will be expected to stay overnight in the cabins with the campers. If you do not have your own bedding, sheets and blankets can be provided.

Meals are provided while camps are running. You are responsible for your meals if staying on campus over the weekend until the next camp. However, most weekends we have other camps on campus in which meals are prepared in our commercial kitchen. You will be fed every meal that we are already preparing for another group. There is a summer staff kitchen where personal meals can be prepared and is often stocked with excess food from the commercial kitchen. During the weekdays all meals will be provided regardless of kitchen schedule. Two weeks of Day Camp the breakfast is continental. We try to make accommodations for gluten free or simple special needs in your diets, however if you need extensive differences to food prepared you will need to bring your own. 

Arrival on Campus  Training Days will be announced. If you would like to come early arrangements can be made for that. Officially our summer camps staff will be leaving on August 1st, however we will still need staff in all operations of Canby Grove through the end of September. Dates are flexible for when you would need to leave if you are continuing on in a paid or volunteer camp position. We ask that you stay through the date you have committed to at the beginning of summer. If you want to stay longer we can work out a schedule with you. 

Summer Camp Support Staff —
Ages 15-17

We are looking for fun, energetic young leaders who are living life pursuing Jesus and want to spend a week or more volunteering and making a difference in the lives of grade school age kids, mentoring them and leading them to the love of God.

Our support staff positions are very important to the success of our camps. If spending time playing in the sun and speaking into the lives of young kids sounds like a great summer to you, then read on...  

Expectations: We are looking for youth that will lead by example participating in games, swimming, skits, and general activities with the campers. Your duties may vary from day to day. Come with a willingness to jump-in wherever needed that day. Everyone will help with set-up and clean-up. 

Summer Staff Support is helping the Sr. Staff members in making each day run smoothly and safely, interacting with the campers and using their leadership skills in all areas. 

Required time: Summer Staff Support will be expected to be at Canby Grove Christian Center every morning at 8:30am for the week they are assigned and need to be picked up at 3:30pm. If you are selected to be a jr. cabin leader for overnight camp (must be 16 or older) than you will be required to be at camp Sunday afternoon through friday afternoon sleeping in the cabins. 

The first week in  July there will be a training meeting for
all four weeks of Summer Camp. Whether you are assigned to 1, 2 or 3 weeks you will be expected to attend this training meeting. Exact date will be given to you when you are accepted as a Support Staff Leader.

Day Camp Support Staff  will need to bring a lunch with you everyday and a bag or backpack, with sunscreen, water bottle, swimming suit, towel and running shoes.
A snack will be provided during the day with the rest of your campers.

All cell phones will be kept in our office in a locked secure location. There will be designated times you can check for messages. No phones will be allowed with you during your work hours at the day camp.

Overnight option: If at least 2 or more girls, and or 2 or more boys need to have overnight accommodations at the camp we will try to make arrangements for the summer staff support to have an assigned Sr. Staff Leader that will be with the group in their own cabin and will include dinner, a light breakfast and lunch. Youth staying overnight will be in constant supervision and have scheduled events in the evening. The cost for these accommodations will be $40 for the week. 

To apply for Summer Support Staff position please click here. 

If you still have more questions please email info@jumpin.org or call 503.266.5176




Canby Grove Christian Center   7501 S Knights Bridge Rd, Canby, OR  97013